Casual-T's music can be heard on TV and radio stations worldwide, including NBC, CBS, ABC, MTV, FOX Sports, Discovery Channel, Super Station, WebTV-Network, and others, as far as Brazil, Mexico, Austria, Sweden and Israel, and he has been the featured composer in the June '08 edition of Student Filmmakers Magazine. This exposure led to some exclusive compositions for LA based Music Beyond Publishing, as well as some custom audio branding for Omega City Masterworks and, and further on to scoring his first short film in 2008. To satisfy his schedule as a composer as well as a performing drummer he currently commutes between New York and Los Angeles.

Being an autodidactic composer, Casual-T has always been adamant about keeping an open mind, and getting as much information from as many diverse sources as possible. He has had the great pleasure of partaking in some wonderful film scoring workshops with some of the top professionals in the field, including the 2010 workshop "Hollywood Calling" with Hollywood A-lister Christopher Young, the 2010 Rick Baitz Film Scoring Workshop, and master orchestrator Scott Smalley's "The Art of Orchestration" in 2009.

Having to date scored three feature films, six short films, written two orchestral concertos, and composed and produced a multitude of songs, tracks, beats, and pieces in a variety of styles ranging from orchestral orgasms to ambient soundscapes, Hip-Hop, Rock, and Electronica, and whatever else might come in handy at the time, Casual-T is one handsome chap who has much to say, and the best way for him to say it is through his music. Feel free to listen.

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